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Effective Texts That Get a Response

We’ve come a long way since having to mail letters to people for general correspondence, or having to call them to set up a time to meet somewhere. Technology moves by leaps and bounds, and the cell phones of today are outdated a mere three months after they’re released. With all the new apps and functions on these shiny new toys, people are ever more involved with their singular interactions on their cell phones and everywhere you look, you can find someone captivated by whatever is on their tiny screen.

This is also the trouble with society today though, everyone is so caught up in their own little worlds on their phones that they rarely notice anything that isn’t on it, so making the most out of messages that you send can mean the difference between getting noticed at all, and being brushed off. Anyone can and does make the excuse that they didn’t get the message, or didn’t see it, or didn’t have their phone on them, but how true is that anymore today? People carry their phones with them everywhere, so don’t be the person who gets ignored because you’ve sent messages that are so bland as to be unnoticeable.

It’s been said that the best texts to send are ones that pose an open ended question and get the recipient to engage in conversation. You don’t want to start pages and pages of ongoing texts, but short messages that go back and forth a few times are perfect. Try to use this as your opportunity to set up a time to meet up, or to mention something privately shared to bring back a great memory. Whatever you do, leave your last text a lasting impression by making it something that she will dwell upon through the day.

The best times to send texts vary based on people’s work schedule but for most of us, we work between 8am to 6pm every day. You don’t want to send a text right on the hour, because then it looks as though you’ve been watching the clock the whole time waiting for the perfect moment to text, which comes off as needy and clingy. That’s a huge turnoff. A woman wants to see someone who is independent and strong, who doesn’t need her, but clearly wants her. You also don’t want to send one at half the hour either, because the same rule applies there. Clock watching, even perceived clock watching is never a good thing.

The best thing to do when sending a text is to be mindful of the time, but not caught up by it. You don’t want to send one as soon as you wake up, and know she’s up and getting ready for work, but you might send one after 9am, when you know she’s already at work, and in her routine for the day. It will give a nice interruption for her to see it and think of you. While being aware of the on the hour and half hour rules, the best isn’t even quarters before or after either. Try to send a text using the rule of odds. In other words, text at 9:17am or 9:37am for a morning text. It’s a strange time, so you can’t be presumed to be watching the clock; rather she’ll figure you’re sitting at work and thought of her, which can only be a good thing.

The same goes for lunch time. Even if you know she’s free and would see a text you send at noon, avoid it. Wait until she’s done with lunch, and send a text around 2:37, or 2:47. This has given enough time for her to enjoy her time at lunch, and also takes pressure off you to respond rapidly when she has the free time to text back and forth. You don’t want to appear readily available at every moment, so by waiting, you’re showing her that you’re still thinking of her, but not capitalizing on her time. The only time this wouldn’t work is if you plan to text her to set up a lunch date somewhere, and you want to pick her up or have her meet you there. For things of that nature, texting her before her lunch (if at noon) you’d want to send one at 11:17, or even as early as 10:37 to be sure she has time to plan.

After you’re home from work, though you might want to reach out to her, again – waiting is the best policy. You can still communicate your desire to see her or speak to her, without making it look desperate or needy. If you text her at 5:37 you’ll end up telling her without saying so that the first thing you did as soon as you left work was text her and that it was a compulsory thing. You don’t want to look anything but casual about it, so waiting until around 8:37 or 8:47 works great. It’s given you time to eat supper, sit back and relax for a bit, watch some television or read a little and then show her you’re still thinking of her.

The last thing to keep in mind is bedtime. Regardless how late she stays up, or if you know her normal sleep schedule, you don’t ever want to text any later than 11pm. It’s considered rude and inappropriate. Use the times you text wisely to communicate things to her that allow her to respond openly, and to set up dates or times to meet. Be thoughtful and try to recall things you know about her or what she likes, or previous dates and bring it up briefly while messaging. By doing this, you always ensure she knows that you’re thinking of her, and remembering the things she cares about or are important to her.

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