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Rekindling an Old Romance – Things to Know

There’s a time in our lives when after dating multiple people, and all of them end in failure, we begin to look at people we have already been in relationships with. We ask ourselves why it ended, beat ourselves up for the things we did that could have contributed to the failure, and wish we had done things differently. At some point we start to wonder if there might be a chance to actually do that, to get a fresh start with an old partner for whom we had some real feelings that could have gone somewhere. Many will stop at the wondering and do nothing about it, but if it was a good relationship for the most part, save for a few rocky moments, there’s a good chance it’s worth the effort to salvage it. There’s some things to know first before tackling an old romance. First off, having knowledge is power, and some informational material is out there that will help give you the edge to get your ex back. Continue reading

Effective Texts That Get a Response

We’ve come a long way since having to mail letters to people for general correspondence, or having to call them to set up a time to meet somewhere. Technology moves by leaps and bounds, and the cell phones of today are outdated a mere three months after they’re released. With all the new apps and functions on these shiny new toys, people are ever more involved with their singular interactions on their cell phones and everywhere you look, you can find someone captivated by whatever is on their tiny screen. Continue reading

Body Language During Dating

Whether you’ve just met the person, or they are someone you’re reuniting with, there’s going to be plenty of anxiety present on the first date.  Even if it’s the first date all over again.  Reading body language is key here, because it’s often in what’s not said that you can tell whether you’ve been successful in your attempt to impress the other person.  Even if you previously dated this person, you may have missed on all the bodily signals that they gave off, which may even have been why it ended in the first place.  Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if you knew just by paying attention to body mechanics how that person felt?  Treat this date as the very first time you have ever seen this person, and pay close attention. Continue reading

Being Alone Is Not The Same As Being Lonely

Not every couple makes it down the aisle, or hears the promise of forever.  Some end up growing apart, others find they just cannot reconcile something between them. Sometimes saving your marriage just isn’t in the cards, and you’re faced with how to deal with a broken heart, or how to cope with a break up you never saw coming. Whatever the cause, there are plenty of people in the world for whom being single is just the norm.  Being alone though, doesn’t mean you’re lonely.  The two words get thrown around in conversation interchangeably as though they mean the same thing but they have very different connotations. Moving on after a breakup, it’s important to realize the difference between being alone and being lonely. Continue reading

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